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Every Donation Helps Our FOD Families!

Your donation will help Families, like Austen's (GA2/MADD) and Marilyn's (SCAD), living with these rare metabolic Fatty Oxidation Disorders.

You can designate which Fund to support:

  • General Fund [supports daily operations, website, phone, xeroxing, supplies etc. Note: FOD Awareness items purchased on our site will be deposited into the General or General Trust Fund]
  • General Trust Fund [supports biennial Conferences, probono Grief Consulting services etc]
  • Clinical Trust Fund [supports future grants for Clinical Training of metabolic professionals]
  • Research Trust Fund [supports future grants for FOD Research]
  • LCHAD Research Trust Fund [supports future grants for LCHAD Research]
  • Undesignated [supports any FOD effort where it is needed most]

You can also support us through purchasing our FOD Awareness Items and by shopping through various sites!

No Donations are used for administrative salaries ~

we are an ALL Volunteer Organization

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