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Please donate to the FOD Family Support Group today!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Every Donation Helps Our FOD Families!

Your donation will help Families, like Austen's (GA2/MADD) and Marilyn's (SCAD), living with these rare metabolic Fatty Oxidation Disorders.

You can designate which Fund to support:

  • General Fund [supports daily operations, website, phone, xeroxing, supplies etc. Note: FOD Awareness items purchased on our site will be deposited into the General or General Trust Fund]
  • General Trust Fund [supports biennial Conferences, probono Grief Consulting services etc]
  • Clinical Trust Fund [supports future grants for Clinical Training of metabolic professionals]
  • Research Trust Fund [supports future grants for FOD Research]
  • LCHAD Research Trust Fund [supports future grants for LCHAD Research]
  • Undesignated [supports any FOD effort where it is needed most]

You can also support us through purchasing our FOD Awareness Items and by shopping through various sites!

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we are an ALL Volunteer Organization

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